Nicholas Carruthers, PhD

Dr. Carruthers is a medicinal chemist with over 30 years of broad, R&D-specific, executive experience within the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Carruthers held positions at Janssen Research & Development LLC from 1999 until retirement in 2020. While at Janssen his primary responsibility was to lead medicinal chemistry for the Neuroscience Therapeutic Area ultimately assuming the role of VP and Global Head of Chemistry for Neuroscience. Prior to joining Janssen, Nick began his industrial career at Hoechst in the U.K. where he was jointly responsible for the discovery of the penem antibiotic HE-664.

To date, ten compounds have advanced to clinical proof-of-concept including the histamine H3 antagonist JNJ-31001074 (Bavisant) and the orexin-2 antagonist JNJ-42847922 (Seltorexant). He has one hundred and twenty published papers, several book chapters, more than one hundred patents, and patent applications, including forty-five issued U.S. patents (h-index 39). Nick was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1997. | soon production