Augustine Tx is participating at the 2023 PNS (Peripheral Nerve Society) Annual Meeting at the Bella Center, Copenhagen

Join us for the 2023 PNS (Peripheral Nerve Society) Annual Meeting at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark!
The event to be held on 17-20 June 2023 is the largest international research conference across specialties in peripheral neuropathy. It is a great opportunity to connect with globally acknowledged researchers, clinicians, and investigators in the field.

Our team will be attending and sharing the latest progress of our program around novel, safe, selective, and orally bioavailable HDAC6 inhibitors. Notably, we will make a first disclosure of preclinical efficacy data in a CMT1A model of our clinical candidate AGT-100216, which is advancing into IND-enabling studies.

Dr. Frederik Rombouts, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, leading our HDAC6 drug pipeline will present an oral communication entitled "Novel HDAC6 inhibitor AGT-216 halts CMT1A disease progression in symptomatic mice" [O503] at the PNS Platform Presentation - Session II on Monday 19th June, 10:00 am CEST. Robust dose-dependent efficacy in halting and reversing CMT1A phenotypes, motor and sensory dysfunctions, and axonal damage disease biomarkers will be presented.

We are grateful to the VLAIO - Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and US CMT Research Foundation for supporting the preclinical research and development of this unique and unprecedent chemical class of HDAC6 inhibitors for the treatment of CMT1 and CMT2, as well as other axonopathies and neurodegenerative disorders.

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