We are proud to sponsor the 2023 Global CMT Research Convention at Royal Sonesta, Boston held on 22nd and 23rd September.

Augustine Therapeutics is proud to sponsor the 2023 Global CMT Research Convention, organized by the US CMT Research Foundation, to be held on September 22nd & 23rd at the Royal Sonesta Boston, Cambridge, MA.

The event is gathering researchers, biotech and pharma companies, investors and patients to discuss widely the latest research and development towards finding a cure for Charcot-Marie-Tooth patients. This yearly convention enhances the scope and possibilities of research discoveries as a step forward for the people who are living with CMT!

Our CEO, Dr. Sylvain Celanire, will participate as a panel speaker during both Scientific and Patient Community Days:

  • Pushing boundaries in CMT research of early biotech companies – Friday, Sept 22nd afternoon.
  • Patient-Powered Perspectives: Biotech Insights on CMT and Collaborating with Patients – Saturday, Sept 23rd  afternoon.

We feel extremely thankful to CMT Research Foundation for providing such a global platform. This boosts awareness amongst every individual going through CMT and helps us work with that objective.

Augustine Therapeutic is currently advancing AGT100216 clinical candidate towards First-in-man clinical trial. AGT100216 is a highly selective, orally bioavailable, and safe HDAC6 inhibitor belonging to a unique and unprecedented chemical class. We have recently communicated at the 2023 PNS conference held in Copenhagen the outstanding preclinical efficacy of AGT100216 , not only halting CMT1A disease progression but also significantly reversing disease phenotype and rescuing axonal integrity in a dose-dependent manner after only 4 weeks of low oral daily treatment.

Find out details of the event and agenda here: Global CMT Research Convention

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